Volunteers needed to cuddle Mosaic Babies!

We are looking for people to hang out with our babies in July:

1 person is needed on July 12th
1 person is needed on July 19th

We also need 2 people on August 2nd

Thank you so much! Please e-mail me if you are interested.


Video fun: God is...

silly. but happy. and true.

a little above where our kids are thinking, but I think good for us to think about.

what do you think?

thanks to henry zonio for posting.


The Big Picture Story Bible

We've begun a lovely new series at Mosaic kids.

We're going through this book:

which I highly recommend for every household.

We're also taking some of the ideas from the lessons from here.
Thank you to Tony Kummer for posting these, they've been very helpful!

So far, we've learned the following:

God made everything simply by speaking words.
God's people were in God's place with God's good rules to obey.
God made us in his image - as beings who are made in God's image we are responsible for making the world a better place. To symbolize this role, they made a flower and wrote on it one thing that they could do to make the world better.

We learned about choices!
and that... Even when I make bad choices, God will rescue me
along with these three questions:
  1. What was the choice? The people had to choose between obeying God or listening to Satan.
  2. Why did God have to punish Adam & Eve? God punished them because they disobeyed his Word, which was meant to rule over his place and his people.
  3. What was the promise? The promise was that one day someone would come and crush Satan’s power over people.
The kids also had a fun time acting the story out and making snake bracelets!

This series is super fun and we're looking forward to the other things we will learn about God's Story!

Our Kids!

Just having fun downstairs on a Sunday:

Mosaic Kids needs your help!

We have lost a few volunteers recently due to the schedule changes that come with summer. We are currently seeking about 10 people to help with the kids on Sundays. If you would like to beautify the lives of some of the children in our community, please e-mail me. You will help 5 or 6 times, starting in July, & ending at the end of the year.

We are also open to summer only helpers!

Help is needed in each class. You may choose your preference of babies, preschoolers, or Kindergarten through 4th grade.

Thank you so much!

2009 Kids Teams - Summer and Fall

Team 1:

grades K-4
Megan F
Joanne S - set up
David G
Matt & Elinor M - clean up

Preschool (3s-young 5s)
Kelli G
Laura A

Babies, 1s & 2s
Lauren R - set up
team member needed

Team 2:
grades K-4
Betty S - set up
team members needed

Preschool (3s-young 5s)
Brett B
Katie B
Madison S

Babies, 1s & 2s
Sam & Heidi

Team 3:
grades K-4
Julie H - clean up
Jacky S - set up
Brad S - set up
Emily S - clean up

Preschool (3s-young 5s)
Amia F - clean up
Rose S - set up
team members needed

Babies, 1s & 2s
Lael & Drew - clean up
team members needed

Team 4:
grades K-4
Delia B
Molly M
Ian M
Arlena M

Preschool (3s-young 5s)
Meghan V - set up
Jason H - clean up
team member needed

Babies, 1s & 2s
Krysta H - clean
team member needed


Oh the questions kids have...

I found this on Scot Mcknight's blog and it made me laugh! I have had conversations like this one. Kids have very serious questions about God, and it's my job to answer them as well as I can! Sometimes that's a challenge.


Upcoming Weeks

June 14th - Beautify Sunday - no kids teams
June 21st - Father's Day - no kids teams
June 28th - Team 3

July 5th - Home Parties! - no kids teams
July 12th - Team 4
July 19th - Team 1

not sure what team you're on? check over there! to your right! at the top of the page. there's a button that says, "what team am I on?" Click on 2009 TEAM LIST

Team 2 - This Week - June 7th

Grades K-4

Ages 3-4
Brett, Mady and Katie

Babies, 1s & 2s
Sam & Heidi

Set up team - please arrive at 9:15

See you Sunday!

image from: http://www.metro.co.uk