More on the Holy Spirit

This past Sunday, our K-4th graders learned that the Holy Spirit teaches us all things and reminds us of everything Jesus has said! We had a great time of learning, sharing, and discussing.

Our verse for the morning was John 14:26-

But the Advocate,​ the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name,​ will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.​

And so we made these hands with the verse written on them, and then tied a string around the index finger, just like people do sometimes when they need to remember something. It was super fun. And during our review game, the kids did a great job of recognizing the real verse from the versions where I switched around the words in crazy combinations!

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God Made the Animals

This past Sunday, our preschoolers learned that...

God Made the Animals!

It was a fun time. They heard several stories about creation and finished by making clothespin animal magnets!


Make a Difference Day!

This Saturday is Make a Difference Day here in Bellingham. Make A Difference Day is a national day of service created to unite volunteers to improve communities across the country. Here in Bellingham, nonprofits in Whatcom County team up with Whatcom Volunteer Center and a thousand volunteers to complete up to 30 projects...in a single day!

Where: Meet at Bellingham High School
When: 9 am

Breakfast and Coffee provided
Projects will all be done by 1 pm
Come ready to work (work clothes)

See you there!

Up Next - Team 4 - Nov 2nd

Team 4:
grades K-4
Carla C
Rob & Willow W - set up
Ian M
Amanda A

Preschool (3s-young 5s)
Meghan V - set up
Jason H - clean up
Lauren R - set up

Babies, 1s & 2s
Lael A - clean up
Drew F - clean up

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Middle School Gathering!

This Sunday at 11 am...

We are Gathering at the Bauer's. E-mail for directions.

We will do it all! Beautify, Listen, Eat, Study, Send and be Sent!

If you are in Middle School, you are welcome to join us from 11-1 for a fun time of serving, eating, hanging out, and getting to know each other.

See you then!


The Holy Spirit is Always With Me

This past week, the Elementary aged kids continued to learn about the Holy Spirit. We looked some more at Jesus' dialogue with his disciples in John 14. He tells them
  • I'm Going away
  • I'm leaving you to do my work
  • You can't do it alone, so I'll send my Spirit.
We talked about how the Spirit's Presence means that Jesus is always with us, even though we can't see him. He helps us, he makes us like him, he teaches us to love and live like Jesus.

Picking up on the invisibility theme, we did a pretty cool craft. I remembered being in 2nd grade and drawing on white paper with white crayon - making an invisible picture. We then painted over the page with black watercolor, which made our masterpieces show up! We did this together as a class. I wrote secret messages about the Holy Spirit in white crayon on their white pages that showed up when they painted over them! It was a pretty cool illustration. The note was there all the time, even though we couldn't always see it.

I think the Holy Spirit is the best invisible friend ever.

Preschool Stars

Our lovely preschoolers learned a little bit about creation Sunday. We focused in on the fact that "God Made the Stars!"

They made some pretty adorable little jars full of water and glittery stars to shake. I wished I was a preschooler.

Join us this Sunday for more creation fun!

Talk to your little ones this week and see what else you can think of that God has made!
This would be a great time to read the creation story together - especially out of a preschoolers Bible.

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This week - October 12th - Team 2

Grades K-4
Maluhia - set up
Tanya - clean up
Garrett - clean up
Charissa & Brenna - set up

Ages 3-4
Brett - set up
Katie - set up
Madison -

Babies, 1s & 2s
Adriana - clean up

Set up team - please arrive at 9:15

See you Sunday!

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Preschoolers learn of Lazarus

This past Sunday, our preschoolers heard the story of Lazarus. This is a great lesson for teaching the power of God!

We can learn:

Jesus can do amazing things
Jesus can make sick people well
Jesus can make dead people alive again
Jesus really loves his friends
Jesus is God

Remind your child of these truths this week. Maybe you can reread the story together too!

The children then made Lazarus dolls - little clothespins wrapped in strips of linen. These are a great reminder of the story! Your kids can play with them again and again and remember that Jesus said, "Lazarus, come out!" And he did.

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John 14 - the Promise of a new Friend

This past Sunday, the K-4 kids learned about the gift of the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus.

We learned that He is our comforter, friend, teacher and helper. Your kids had some good insight! When asked, "what is a counselor?" one bright child answered, "someone who helps you with your problems." Right on! And the Holy Spirit is also an advocate, leave it to a 3rd grader to figure out that that's someone who is on your side and helps you in court. Sometimes I feel as though they just don't need me!

Here is an excerpt from our story, taken from the Jesus Storybook Bible, page 329:

"They had seen Jesus go away, but now he was closer than he had ever been - inside their hearts. And this time nothing could ever separate them. Jesus would always be there. With them. Loving them. Whispering the promise that would get rid of the poison and the terrible lie and the sickness in their hearts. God's wonderful promise to them: 'You are my child. And I love you.'
'Make your home in me, as I make my home in you,' Jesus had said.
Could it be? Heaven was coming into their hearts."

That's pretty good news.

Ask your children this week:

-Who is the Holy Spirit?
-Who promised the Holy Spirit would come?
-What does the Holy Spirit help us to do?
-How does the Holy Spirit comfort us?

This Sunday - we'll explore the person of the Holy Spirit some more.


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