John 14 - the Promise of a new Friend

This past Sunday, the K-4 kids learned about the gift of the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus.

We learned that He is our comforter, friend, teacher and helper. Your kids had some good insight! When asked, "what is a counselor?" one bright child answered, "someone who helps you with your problems." Right on! And the Holy Spirit is also an advocate, leave it to a 3rd grader to figure out that that's someone who is on your side and helps you in court. Sometimes I feel as though they just don't need me!

Here is an excerpt from our story, taken from the Jesus Storybook Bible, page 329:

"They had seen Jesus go away, but now he was closer than he had ever been - inside their hearts. And this time nothing could ever separate them. Jesus would always be there. With them. Loving them. Whispering the promise that would get rid of the poison and the terrible lie and the sickness in their hearts. God's wonderful promise to them: 'You are my child. And I love you.'
'Make your home in me, as I make my home in you,' Jesus had said.
Could it be? Heaven was coming into their hearts."

That's pretty good news.

Ask your children this week:

-Who is the Holy Spirit?
-Who promised the Holy Spirit would come?
-What does the Holy Spirit help us to do?
-How does the Holy Spirit comfort us?

This Sunday - we'll explore the person of the Holy Spirit some more.


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