If Churches Were Parks

I read this last week and found it thought provoking:

If we tore down our church buildings and replaced them with parks, would the buildings be missed? If churches were parks, there would be trees and grass and places for pleasant walks, neighborhood families enjoying the changing seasons, and our "old ones" sitting on benches telling chlidren stories of their lives and faith.
In the fall, as the leaves changed from green to yellow, orange and red, we could invite our friends and neighbors to corn roasts and BBQs; creation - in the park. We could leave the children something wonderful in a world gone mad.
In the winter we could roll in the snow with the neighborhood children, throw snowballs, create snow sculptures, and get to know each other again as we walked under trees heavy with hoar frost. At Christmas we could string colored lights, decorate a Christmas tree, savor the story of the nativity, and sing carols under quiet stars.
If churches were parks, we would have to forsake our games of power and our dreams of empire for pleasant walks, snow frost, corn roasts, Christmas trees, carol sings, Easter pageants, and heart-to-heart talks with those who need to know why we still believe in our God. If our churches were parks, all people could gather there; they could come whenever they wished, for there would be no locked doors or security windows on our parks - no stained-glass windows to hide behind. Members of the church eating lunch in the park could strike up a conversation with a business person, university student, or shopper resting before heading home, or admire the muticolors of a group of teenagers and ask them if they are agraid of the world we have created for them, or angry because of the futures we may have taken away from them.
Of course we would find pain in our parks: lonely people, unhappy children, sullen youth. We might confront those trying to buy drugs in our parks. We might fear those who would hurt us and steal from us. If our churches were parks, we would have to confront the world outside our buildings. We would have to be those who make peace and speak of redemption and hope rather than those who hide behind fortress walls and wish the world away.
When God started the world, he put his man and woman in a park. He chose to walk and talk with his creation in a park. When we were cast out of the park, we began to build towers, empires, cities, and temples. We had to acquire and possess - not only the present but the past and the future. We found ways to control our world and other persons. It's hard to do this in a park.

Obviously the "park" image cannot be pressed too far, but it does suggest that there are certain qualities that should be nurtured in our congregations - especially when children are present. How much of the park do children find in our churches?

Taken from Children Matter, p. 149. Written by Linda Cannell

Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some contemplation and a beautiful stained glass window. But, this for sure got me thinking about and appreciating the community we share as Mosaic. A couple of weeks ago at Broadway Park we gathered for a picnic, some play time, and some time to tell our stories, and it was so wonderful to share that with all of you and just enjoy our church community at the park. But, how might we bring some of the "park" with us as we gather indoors?

Up Next - Team 4 - August 3rd


Carla C
Brian R
Ethan L

Meghan V
Jason H
Amia F

2 Volunteers Needed!

set-up is at 9:15 am

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Team 1 - Sunday August 10th

Ages 4-9

Delia B
Hilary E
Joanne S
David G
Zaleta M

Ages 2-3
Kelli G
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Hannah A
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See you at 9:15 for set-up

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Beautify Projects - This Sunday - July 27th

This Sunday we are doing service projects. This is one of those Sundays where we break out of our usual, hard to break habit, of "going to church" in order to "be the church."

There will be several different opportunities to choose from. If you didn't sign up for one, that's ok! Just show up on Sunday morning to Broadway Park at 9am and we'll hear our options together.

If you have little ones, birth through age 5(ish), you have the option to drop them off around the corner at the Hoppis's house between 8:30 and 8:45 am. We'll take care of them so that you can serve! e-mail me for directions.

Let's bring some beauty to that which has been destroyed in our community.


Missional Kids

I just read a great list here on ways that kids can live out their mission and beautify those around them. Go check it out!



We have the opportunity to join up with Fountain Community Church's VBS this year!

The dates are July 21st-25th, with the program running from 9 am to 12 pm. All kids ages 3-12 are welcome.
So e-mail me:

If you would like your children to participate
If you are available to help one or two mornings
If you know some high school or college students who would be willing to help out

Looking forward to it!

image from Adamcha on flickr.


What is Mosaic Doing?

You may have noticed that our schedule is a little wacky for the summer. Why? Why can't we just make up our minds? Be consistent?

Well, what would be the fun in that, really?

We are definitely mixing it up this summer. But we're not just spastic... there are several reasons. One is that we're trying to conserve the amount of funds we spend on facility. The summer weather allows us to meet outdoors, have BBQ's, do outdoor service projects, etc. So, we're taking advantage of the opportunity to get outside! Besides, being the church is way more involved than simply going to church, right? Doing church differently is part of the Mosaic DNA. So, our reasoning for some of the home gatherings, BBQ's and service projects this summer is a combination of conserving financially and staying true to our vision.

Here's what's coming up on the schedule:

July 13th - Mosaic Family Gathering @ Broadway Park @ 11 am - bring everything you need for a picnic lunch for your family!
July 20th - Mosaic Gathering @ the Majestic @ 10am
July 27th - Family Beautify Sunday. Childcare provided for 5 & under (optional)
August 3rd - Mosaic Gathering @ the Majestic @ 10 am
August 10th - Mosaic Gathering @ the Majestic @ 10 am
August 17th - Family Beautify Sunday
August 24th - Mosaic 2 year anniversary party!

And remember you can always check the "Upcoming Events" over there in the sidebar to the right.

Thanks for journeying with us and exploring new ways to be the Body of Christ.

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Mosaic Kids needs your help!

We have lost a few volunteers recently due to the schedule changes that come with summer. We are currently seeking about 5 people to help with our 4-9 year olds. If you would like to beautify the lives of some of the children in our community, please e-mail me. You will help 5 or 6 times, starting in August, & ending at the end of the year.