What is Mosaic Doing?

You may have noticed that our schedule is a little wacky for the summer. Why? Why can't we just make up our minds? Be consistent?

Well, what would be the fun in that, really?

We are definitely mixing it up this summer. But we're not just spastic... there are several reasons. One is that we're trying to conserve the amount of funds we spend on facility. The summer weather allows us to meet outdoors, have BBQ's, do outdoor service projects, etc. So, we're taking advantage of the opportunity to get outside! Besides, being the church is way more involved than simply going to church, right? Doing church differently is part of the Mosaic DNA. So, our reasoning for some of the home gatherings, BBQ's and service projects this summer is a combination of conserving financially and staying true to our vision.

Here's what's coming up on the schedule:

July 13th - Mosaic Family Gathering @ Broadway Park @ 11 am - bring everything you need for a picnic lunch for your family!
July 20th - Mosaic Gathering @ the Majestic @ 10am
July 27th - Family Beautify Sunday. Childcare provided for 5 & under (optional)
August 3rd - Mosaic Gathering @ the Majestic @ 10 am
August 10th - Mosaic Gathering @ the Majestic @ 10 am
August 17th - Family Beautify Sunday
August 24th - Mosaic 2 year anniversary party!

And remember you can always check the "Upcoming Events" over there in the sidebar to the right.

Thanks for journeying with us and exploring new ways to be the Body of Christ.

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