The Holy Spirit is Always With Me

This past week, the Elementary aged kids continued to learn about the Holy Spirit. We looked some more at Jesus' dialogue with his disciples in John 14. He tells them
  • I'm Going away
  • I'm leaving you to do my work
  • You can't do it alone, so I'll send my Spirit.
We talked about how the Spirit's Presence means that Jesus is always with us, even though we can't see him. He helps us, he makes us like him, he teaches us to love and live like Jesus.

Picking up on the invisibility theme, we did a pretty cool craft. I remembered being in 2nd grade and drawing on white paper with white crayon - making an invisible picture. We then painted over the page with black watercolor, which made our masterpieces show up! We did this together as a class. I wrote secret messages about the Holy Spirit in white crayon on their white pages that showed up when they painted over them! It was a pretty cool illustration. The note was there all the time, even though we couldn't always see it.

I think the Holy Spirit is the best invisible friend ever.

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