Helping Hawa

We received the letter below last week. It comes from the orphanage in Mozambique where Amy McMurtrey served last summer. Those of you who were a part of Mosaic then might remember that the children took part in "SENDING" her by collecting toiletries, clothes and toys for the children who are under Pieter and Rika's care. Our kids were really touched and pleased to know that they were making a difference in the life of another child. So, when we got this e-mail, I thought, let's do it again! Plus, Sunday night we were learning about the rhythm of "SEND." This rhythm describes how God sent Jesus to us, Jesus has sent US to be a blessing to all, and we at Mosaic send others to do the same, through friendship, discipleship and mentoring. I thought that helping Hawa with her medical expenses would be a great representation of how we are "sent" and also how even kids can reach out to someone younger than they are! So, feel free to read about Hawa below, and then help your children to decide in their hearts what they should give.

Dear friends,

Hawa is two years old; she is malnourished, and living with AIDS. She has 10% of her immune system. She moves slowly, hardly walking and is very ill. Today she had her Doctor’s appointment, the Doctor thinks she has problems with her liver and her heartbeat was very weak. The doctor is extremely worried about her health and wants Hawa to see a heart specialist here in Mozambique. We have grown to love her so much, she is so fragile when you hold her and it is such a miracle to see her smile. It is going to be expensive for Hawa to visit the heart specialist; on Thursday we will try and make an appointment. We do not know what it will cost, but we do want to help her and she deserves a better life. Please prayerfully consider sowing into her life, she is so precious and has suffered so much in the short time she has lived. Please let us know if you want to give towards her Doctor appointments and medical bills. Please pray for her.

Pieter and Rika Boersma

***Mosaic Kids is collecting donations for Hawa during our Gathering on August 10th. If your children would like to help, please make sure they bring their gift with them that morning. Thanks!

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