Acts Bible Memory

We are learning about what it means to be the church at Mosaic Kids!

So far, we have reviewed our BLESS rhythms and talked about how at Mosaic, there are 5 ways that we try to live our lives in order to be the church: we beautify the lives of others, listen to God, eat together and make friends, study the Bible and send others to live the same way!

The kids made some framed posters with the word "BLESS" on them to take home as a reminder.

Then, this last Sunday, we learned that God's people BELIEVE. Your kids came up with an amazing list of things that we believe about God:

He is near
He died on the Cross and rose again
He came to earth
He is good
He loves people
He made everything

and on it went. I loved it!

As we continue through this series the next couple of months, your kids will be learning a couple of verses. We sent home the first half this week. Hopefully you can learn it together as a family!

It is Acts 2:42 & 43 in the NIrV:
“The believers STUDIED what the apostles taught. They SHARED LIFE together. They broke bread and ATE together. And they PRAYED. Everyone felt that God was near...”

In the coming weeks, we will add verses 45 and 46:
“They sold what they owned. They GAVE each other everything they needed. Every day the MET TOGETHER in the temple yard. In their homes they broke bread and ATE together. Their hearts were glad and honest and true.”

I love it and look forward to having this be a part of the DNA we build into our kids of what it means to be God's people!

We also revised a familiar rhyme:

"Here is a building
there is no steeple
but open the doors!
The church is the people!"

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