Kids at Communion

We made a change in the schedule of our Gatherings recently at Mosaic. The kids have started heading downstairs about 30 minutes into the meal, with the older kids then returning upstairs for Communion and worship at the end of the Gathering. This change was made in response to some conversation over the length of the meal for kids. Several Mosaic-ers felt like the kids were done eating way too soon, and then chaos would ensue for the rest of the meal, making "building deep relationships," as our rhythms state, or just plain sanity for parents, a bit challenging. So, we decided to experiment.

Now, we'd love to know what you think:
Does it help with the chaos that was happening after kids were done eating? Do we like having the kids in for Communion? How do we feel about the age break? Is 4 too young to be coming back up?

Any feedback you could provide would be awesome. Comment away!

image from dstarcher on flickr.

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