Communion Questions

As I mentioned earlier, I found some questions here to use when leading children in Communion. I thought this was a super idea and would be very useful in helping the children to understand more about what Communion is all about and why we practice it together. I adapted the questions I found and came up with the following four:

Q Why do we remember Jesus?
A Because he was sent from God and he gave up his life for us on the cross. God raised
him from the dead so that we might see that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life, the life Jesus showed us how to live.

Q Why do we use bread?
A Because Jesus took bread at the Last Supper. It is a sign of Jesus body that was given up to die for us.

Q Why do we use wine?
A Because this wine is a sign of Jesus' saving love, through his blood, poured out for us when he died on the cross.

Q Why do we come to his table for Communion?
A He invites us because he accepts us. We are his people and we share in his
heavenly life.

We used three of these on Sunday and it went very well! I chose three children to read the questions aloud. The child would read the question, and then I would respond with the answer. After all three questions were read and responded to, I lead us in a prayer for our time of Communion. Then we headed upstairs! It was great, and I look forward to using these again.

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