Eucharistic Prayers

I found a helpful list of questions to ask before giving the blessing prayer as we head to Communion. I thought these would be super helpful in getting the kids prepared to join their parents for Communion. I plan to adapt them, and come up with a few of my own, and begin using them in the coming weeks!

Preambles before the Eucharistic Prayer

This might be a set of biddings or reasons for giving thanks, spoken by children or others, before the opening dialogue. Jewish-style questions and answers such as the following might be compiled, perhaps to echo the theme of the service. A child might ask the questions, which the president or deacon might answer, and not all questions need be attempted every time.

Q Why do we give thanks and praise to God?
A Because he has created all that is, and he has given us life. He is Lord of all, and yet loves each of us.

Q Why do we remember Jesus?
A Because he was sent from God and he gave up his life for us on the cross. God raised
him from the dead so that we might see that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life, the life Jesus showed us how to live.

Q Why do we use bread?
A Because Jesus took bread at the Last Supper. It is a sign of Jesus feeding us as we hare with others around his table.

Q Why do we use wine?
A Because this wine is a sign of Jesus' saving love, poured out for us when he died on the cross.


Q Who are we remembering and who is here with us?
A Jesus Christ the Lord who lives today.

Q Why do we take this bread?
A To show that his body was given up to death for us.

Q Why do we take this wine?
A To show that Jesus shed his blood for our sins.

Q Why is there one loaf and one cup?
A Because we are one family; we belong to each other like the parts of a body.

Q Why do we come to his table?
A He invites us because he accepts us. We are his people and we share in his
heavenly life.

Q For how long will Christians celebrate like this?
A Until Jesus comes to take us to be with God in heaven.

Whatever happens, the actions, style and approach of the president, while being accessible to children, should make clear that the Eucharistic Prayer which follows is addressed to God, in whose presence it is right to be filled with awe. The sense of mystery should not lose out to a chatty educational or instructional approach.

I really like these! I'm thinking that as the kids line up downstairs, I will choose two children to each read a question, which I will answer. I will follow this up with a prayer of blessing for Communion before we head up!

source: http://www.cofe.anglican.org/worship/liturgy/commonworship/texts/newpatterns/notes/children.html

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