Henry Zonio on Family Ministry

I read a really interesting post on Family Ministry here today.

His thoughts are things I've also been thinking about and mulling over. What we do with our time at Mosaic can only add to what children are learning from their parents, teachers, mentors, relatives and siblings. But, I loved what he said here:

"While family ministry programs and systems and initiatives and whatever else you might want to add are good, I don’t believe they are the answer. We, as ministry leaders, need to model for our community that church is more than just a building… that worship is more than just a church service… that everyone in God’s family is a minister and needs to be doing ministry in the greater community together as families… that all parts of our lives need to be lived out as worship… that wherever we are, we are carry the image of God as lives transformed by the Holy Spirit…"

This is something I think we are trying to teach our kids at Mosaic... something we're attempting to live out together. Super encouraging.

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