"'All God's children got rhythm. That's the way God made us.'
Life reflects that rhythm. Sleeping & waking. Work & rest. Going to school & earning a living. Gathering as a community to worship God, being nurtured in faith & going out to shape others.
The rhythm in God's design is seen through the trajectory of growth from infancy to early childhood, from middle childhood to youth, & on to adulthood. As we minister to children we must respect, and adjust to, the rhythm of the child's development."

from Children Matter: Celebrating their Place in the Church, Family and Community

I'm reading this excellent book on kids. Today, I ran across this quote and thought it fitting. It's encouraging to know that "rhythm" is part of the way God made us. As we attempt to live our rhythms of Beautify, Listen, Eat, Study, & Send together each week, we are attempting to live out and express part of how God created us.
I was also challenged by the concept of observing the rhythms of children as they grow, & learning to minister within those rhythms. Good Stuff. Thoughts?

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