So, why Kaleidoscope?

Many of you may be wondering about the title of this blog (the rest of you are now wondering why you should be wondering about it.)

Well, check out the sidebar - over there on the right. I've compiled some definitions of the word "kaleidoscope" that I enjoy and that I really feel capture what we're about at Mosaic Kids.

A Kaleidoscope is like a kids' version of a Mosaic. It's a toy, for one. It's constantly changing. These two things just scream "kids!" Also, it exemplifies the same concept of lots of small pieces, bits, and fragments coming together to make something beautiful. The tagline for Mosaic is "beautifully broken pieces coming together to form a work of art." Likewise, the meaning of the word kaleidoscope is derived from the Greek kalos, eidos, and skopos; meaning beautiful, form, and view, respectively, or "beautiful-form-to-see." The only way to see it though, is to hold it up to a light. When the light shines through, you see the children of God, formed together into one beautiful picture. Sounds like a Mosaic to me.

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