Ivy Beckwith on Missional Children's Ministry

I came across this quote today and thought I would share it. I think it captures part of what we're trying to teach kids at Mosaic. It's also a good reminder to keep at it. I want to make sure that when I'm planning lessons for our kids, I remember to plan time for us to "do what people who follow Jesus do." Please share your thoughts!

"Children’s Ministries should be about forming people who love God and follow Jesus. One way to keep this and coming generations outwardly focused is to provide a missional context in the church and, more specifically, in those programs and opportunities directed to
ward children. Faith communities desiring to form children who participate in God’s kingdom work will be faith communities who care more about works of peace and justice, who care more about “doing what people who follow Jesus do” than about attracting large numbers through glitzy programs and providing a “holy huddle” for those who are on the inside. When children see an ethos of mission modeled for them by parents, church leaders, and other significant adults they can be transformed to live in the way of Jesus as they begin to understand their responsibilities to the world and other people God created in the holy image."

Ivy Beckwith

Ivy Beckwith is the author of Postmodern Children's Ministry. She also speaks and consults churches on issues of childhood spiritual formation and children's ministry in the local church.
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